Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling A Mess...

Baby Girl has been sick for the last 4 days, running a high fever, and suffering with strep. She is now on her second antibiotic and I'm in prayer constantly that the good Lord will heal her body. Sleeping seems to be the hardest on her.

On the almost good side, this week is in-service so Daddy is home with Maddie all week. The sad part about that is the poor man has had a sick baby to tend to this whole time. I think he had planned on them having great adventures all week. Monday they were able to go to McDonalds and enjoy a terrible snack of frech fries. Yes, seriously, people fast food disgusts me and the thought of my children eating it, simply turns my stomach. Coke/sodas is another catergory that can send me spinning like a bewitched crazy nanny. Don't ya realize there is a brain forming in there and all those chemicals seriously can mess it up? Hmmmmmmmmmm, reminds me of a crazy story about chocolate and MR, but surely that can't be. And if that's so, then why I am even concerned over food perservatives??

It has been an extremly long night for us. I've been up since before 2 am and it's now time for me to run off to work. Maybe Starbucks would help. Actually, Maddie recovering is what I truly need. Oh, and please don't let me forget to pick up Jeremy today from school. Our routine has changed this week and this is out of the ordinary for me. I'm running on no sleep, have written myself 12 personal notes on the matter, and I still fear I'll forget him. I can NOT forget my kid @ school, that is completely unacceptable.

that is all...
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