Sunday, August 15, 2010

Motherhood Is Scary Business

I'm writing because my husband and daughter are driving back home and I have nothing else to do to keep myself sane. :)

Sean took Maddie to her dr. appointment today while I was to stay home and clean, trying to disinfect our house so that little girl would finally recover from this sickness. Sean called to me tell me Maddie's white blood count is @ 20,000 and that she got a shot of antibiotics. She goes back tomorrow to see if her count is down. Hopefully it will be and the dr. will simply start her on another antibiotic, if not, she'll probably be hospitalized for iv antibiotics.

I plan on holding my baby girl all day today.

Sean is taking off work tomorrow since I've taken all my unplanned absences I can in a year, and he'll be calling me around noon to tell me how her blood work is. Please keep her in your prayers. I'll update family when I hear the news.
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