Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 6: Your Day

4:50 a.m.

I open my eyes to a loud beeping sound, focusing on the walls around me, trying to figure out in which bed I've actually fallen asleep. Since my husband's been sick I've been moving around to different beds, and occasionally, I simply forget which one I crashed out in the previous night.

It's my daughter's room this time, and I glance over into her toddler bed to check on her as I hit snooze on my old cell phone, which is now an alarm clock. Just 10 more minutes and then I'll get up and study.

I close my eyes and think about the day. And what is today I ask. Monday. A new week with new adventures. Awesome. I'm super charged and yet I remain in bed, pretending to sleep, pretending to need an extra 10 minutes which somehow turns into 8 or 9, which ever way my clock feels like running at the moment.

5:00 a.m.

Another beeping session. I grab it quickly, hoping the sleeping monster to my right doesn't stir; this is my time. A few weeks ago this was the time I'd roll out of bed for a workout but with school back in and my husband's illness, I use this time to study. I actually use this time to try and cram in any type of comprehension while I squint my not so awake eyes, praying something sticks and will be regurgitated come test time.

It's my last two classes before graduation. I need this info. I want this info. I happily squint and read my text.

6:00 a.m. rolls around and it's time to put the Mommy hat back on and get the day started. I begin with myself: brushing my teeth and hair, applying creams to shrink and lift, while covering all that up with sunscreen and cosmetics. I examine my fine lines, my teeth, and the ever lasting cellulite that has lingered for years now. No, it will not go away, no matter how many squats and pushups I do. Life goes on...

Now it times to get the food thing going. I grab my paper and pen, count up the calories for the day, writing it all down, making sure I have 1,000 by mid afternoon/evening or it's dealing with one of those hellacious headaches and low blood sugars again.

I remember my appointment with my trainer today and get excited. I glance over at my gym bag, recalling what items are stored away, good, everything is good to go. Don't forget your watch, Toni, or you'll be obsessing over the fact that you can't obsess over your calorie burn.

6:15 a.m. time to get dressed. I run to the laundry room and dig through clean clothes that never make their way to their proper resting place: my bedroom drawers/closet. What's the use anyway, I simply put them back on my body and then to the dirty clothes hamper anyway.

Where are my shoes??

6:20 a.m. and it's time to wake up Jeremy. He's huddled in a ball under his covers. I tug them off, rub his head, give him a kiss, and tell him it's time to get up. He's moving out of the bed before his eyes are even open.

I decided to take all my stuff out to the car before waking up Maddie. I picked up four bags and a water bottle, open the child proof gate, and silently pray I don't kill myself walking down the stairs. And then I chuckle, well if I do kill myself, Hubs will definitely put a hand rail up then, won't he. Who knows...who knows...

I enjoy the morning walk to the car. The weather is beginning to cool off and there's sort of a catch your breath moment when you first step out. I pack the car and head back in. My son is standing at the top of the stairs, hair a mess, still half asleep, asking me if we're ready to go. "No, I still have to get your sister. You know that, Jeremy. When it's time to go I'll let ya know." Every morning we go through this. He rushes to leave and yet will still be the last one to the car. Go figure, being an 8 year old boy is tough sometimes :)

I awake Maddie usually be changing her clothes. She rolls around, not really making any noise. I attempt to brush her hair but she's still half asleep and I figure I'll do the rest once we get to school. We go in and say our good-bye's to Daddy who is still sleeping and I quietly call out his name in hopes he hasn't died yet. Not funny, and I'm sure you're saying the same thing...not funny.

6:36 a.m. and we're in the car heading over to my ex-husband's house where I will drop Jeremy off and his dad will take him to school.

7:10 a.m. and I'm pulling into the parking lot at school. I'm probably one of 5 cars there. An early bird on salary; I'll make up for it when I'm leaving @ 3:00 to head to the gym for my appointment. I turn back and look at my sleeping girl in the seat behind me. What good times we have as a family. I smile :) And then I wonder if/when we'll ever get rid of that pacy.

I jump out of the car and head to the trunk where the jogging stroller awaits. I pull it out and pack it full of bags until it's time to get Maddie out and head into work.

7.5 hours go by. I know, this time is quick, and it's actually a most enjoyable time of my day. I love my kids, my co-workers/friends, and the fun we have through out our day, but I don't want to go into detail on the basis that now-a-days everything is confidential and I truly can't afford to be out of work at the moment. So, on we go.

The school bell rings @ 2:45 p.m. and I do my traditional, "the bell, the bell, the bell!" I glance at my watch several times before I yell to the girls that I'm going in; I've got an appointment this afternoon with my trainer. I head in, grab my things, and head for Maddie's room.

I drive home, run in, say hi to Hubs, drop off Maddie, and then head to the gym. I plan on getting a quick walk in before my appointment as well as working with the foam roller. Oh, my hamstrings certainly need a good stretch. I'm a little anxious today, Kayla seriously kicked my butt the last time we met. Only two more sessions though until I'm on my own. I hope I'll be able to keep the membership. Well, I'll just enjoy it while I can.

After an awesome 500 calorie burn I head to karate class to pick up Jeremy and then we head home. We'll eat dinner and then start on his homework. We'll finish off the day watching tv and drinking coffee, well I'll at least drink the coffee. Another day has gone by and it's time for prayers and closing out on the day's adventures.

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