Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 12: What's In Your Bag

As some of you know, I've been working on a 30 Day Blog Challenge, to which I'm actually getting into. Honestly, I have some free time at the moment and I'm simply busting out mega blogs in a row and then post dating, as you read this, well, I'm being busy, but go on and enjoy my mind-numbing nothingness while I slave away at work. :)

So, back to my bag:

Wow, my purse is usually a big, fat, mess. I carry EVERYTHING in it, and I rarely clean it out. I had to go to court one day and while getting my bag searched the officer looks up at me and says, smilingly, "would you like me to file all these papers in here for ya? We have a plenty of space in our filing cabinets." It took me a moment to actually realize that he was being an ass-pain, and then I become embarrassed at the thought that someone actually was going through my stuff and thinking about it. I blushed and grabbed my bag, only to decline his invitation to organization.

So, about the contents, I've learned bagging smaller items into other bags is the only way to go. So, I have a bag that contains my cash, checkbook, pens, and some gift cards. Another flat wallet that only holds gift cards cause, well, it's really purposeless for anything else, and then there's the actual wallet that holds insurance cards, pictures, visa, credit cards, and recites that I will probably never place into my checkbook to balance. Oh, and lets not forget the womanly bag which holds all my must need items when AF shows up, cause I'm usually never prepared for that one. And then I have all the paper items, important bits of mail that I simply carry around, paycheck stubs that I can't figure out where to put, and the address book, CPR cards, and any other "junk" someone may hand me.

I admit it, I lack good, well-thought-out organization skills, but deep inside that fluffy, curving cortex of my brain matter, I know where it all is. No worries, Love, I always got what we need. :)

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