Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am One of Those People, That You Hate...

You know the person, the one that everytime he/she walks into the room you totally cringe inside and want to run away, vomiting. Yeah, that's me.

There have been two people in this world who have let me know that I am there, "can't stand you, wanna run away and hide (vomiting) person", and IT KILLS ME!

Maybe I think too highly of myself. Well, I'm sure I do, and maybe that comes off as rude or arrogant, but it's honestly just my innocent ignorance that you see when I do or say something stupid and you must shake your head is dismay.


Wow, I simply felt really ugly and ashamed making that statment. I mean, I find myself to be a great person and all, full of love, kindness, and knowledge, but maybe wanting to be liked and loved by all is a bit overboard, even for me.

I mean, honestly, I don't always have the best characteristics...I can be really bitchy, and I can seriously believe I'm way above many things.


So, I've gone from pouting about being the person that is hated for no good reason, to actually feeling sorry for myself since I kind of realize I maybe do have some traits that aren't all that warm and fuzzy.

Honestly, I think I'm just going through a midlife crisis, re-establishing my identity, and it's ultimately driving me crazy.

I'll shut up now...


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