Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Great Blog!

I was recently cruising around Top Mommy Blogs, reviewing over the top blogs, and I started to feel a little down that my blog, Carrigan's Joy, isn't listed on the top page any longer, it's listed on page...oh, 400!

Yeah, I know, Blogger Fail!

But then I was like, "hey, I've had some good times, had some good giveaways, and been on the top page." It's just not where I am at the moment. I love blogging, and I love reading other blogs, but it's just not my priority at this time.

I actually just sat and day dreamed about my future: possibly a different job, better pay, and free time to simply blog about all and everything with high reviews and traffic flowing my way. :) But reality sat in and then I realized my life looks more like this: school, study, work, lesson plans, family, family, and family...oh, and let's not forget the workouts.

One day, I say, one day....


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