Monday, December 13, 2010

I Am A Southern Babe, Or Belle, Whichever You'd Like To Call It

Oh, I do love the South!

Call it my rich heritage, my southern drawl, and/or simply the beauty that engulfs me in this Tennessee valley, but none the less, I love being Southern.

I've traveled up North, and even though I had great times, it's simply not my home, my cup of tea, or where I'd like to hang my hat. It's different up there, too fast for me, too individualized.

My formative years where found in a small town, where football, church, and family are the topic of day. That being said, I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD! I know, that had nothing to do with the whole small town talk, but ya know, I needed a lead into statement...moving on.

I freeze in the winter time. I honestly don't think I know how to do the whole bundling up thing, therefore, I usually find myself in a short sleeve shirt, flipflops (I'm now trying to replace them with fuzzy slippers), and cold most of the year. And now that today's high will be 24, I have no plans, what so ever, of doing anything but sipping on hot cofee all day. I do plan on getting Maddie outside at some point to "play" in the snow, which really will simply involve touching it, "ooooing" at it, and maybe making a snowball or two.

Going back a moment: I remember being a kid and playing out in the snow. We'd get a huge one every 10 years or so and it would involve a week out of school, a gigantic lion my dad built out of snow, THAT I EVEN SAT ON! (<------- that was my kid talk right there) and periodically going inside to replace my wet clothes with dry ones. We had a wood burning fstove and I'd lay my clothes on it to warm them back up. Actually, I think my parents placed my clothes on that stove almost every morning to warm them before getting up for school. Talk about sweet!

So, here I am, a lover of 70 degrees, spending my day with the fam. while the wind outside blows around zero (wind chill). My dogs are even in the house, farting, but you can't leave your puppies (5 and 4 years old) outside when it cold.

So, here's to all my other Southern livin' friends who love sweet tea, fried chicken, and sittin' out on the porch, just watchin' people, and to You, where ever you come from, I hope you enjoy this Monday and that it's not too cold for ya. Snuggle up tight and sip on somethin' sweet and warm, that always makes me feel good.

You know, I think Starbucks should start delivering...


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