Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growing Our Garden

My mom loved gardening. I always enjoyed sharing that with her. :)

Last year I decided to plant my own garden. I spent several months reading up on it, and we have plans to begin tilling soon. While waiting for Spring to arrive, I wanted to see if I could start some seeds. I'd mentioned it to Sean before about saving the fruit seeds {from our food} and planting them in our garden. He didn't think it would work, something about...blah, blah, blah, I don't remember. I tried anyway.  :)

We started with a simple seed starter from the Dollar Store. Maddie enjoyed poking all the little holes for the seeds and then dumped half of them out in the flower bed {we shall see what happens with those this summer}. I placed my tray on top of my refrigerator to keep them warm. I checked 'em every couple of days or so but didn't really know when to expect anything. I came home today and Sean asked if I'd seen my sprouts.

I was soooo excited! :) We now have like a hundred little cantaloupe plants...OMGosh, what are we going to do with so much cantaloupe...homeless shelter here we come!

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