Monday, March 21, 2011

I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again, SparkPeople Rocks My Socks Off

When you go back to the basics, it all seems to make sense. And that's why I'm taking it back to  to make a difference in my life. 

After having Maddie I removed 65 pounds from this body; the same size as my 8 year old. Wow, you say. Yeah, wow I say! It's still hard for me to believe, but when I glance in the mirror, I realize it's still {partly} a reality. 

Around October I experienced some stress, I stopped running due to the colder weather, and overall I was simply lost in my fitness routine. In January I started working on my thesis, and I've come to learn that when I'm super stressed, I can't seem to focus on anything except on that particular stressor. I should have never gotten out of a routine, but I did. I should have never emotionally eaten, but I did. And now, several pounds later, I'm still stressed, still eating, and yet still wanting to make a change in my life. And that's the point, the simple desire to make something different.

Like I said, I went back to what I knew worked before: 1. joining other people on this journey, 2. running. :) It's not always easy, but it's definitely still worth doing.

So this weeks workouts:
Monday: Spin Class
Tuesday: Weight Training
Wednesday: Spin Class
Thursday: Slim in 6
Friday: Running
Saturday: Walk/Run @ Greenway
Sunday: Walk with Family

What about you? What goals have you set for this week? 

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