Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jumping On The Vomit Train

I'd read that ginger is really helpful in combating morning sickness, and that after using it for a couple of days, symptoms have been known to actually disappear. I gave it a shot. I drank ginger and lemon tea as well as ginger ale for several days straight. I went from dry-heaves, nauseated all day to feeling great with only small bouts of nausea when my stomach was empty. 

And, after a week of having almost no consistent morning sickness I awake this morning to vomit my brains out. I actually had tears streaming down my face the convulsions were so strong. There was nothing on my stomach except water and stomach acid so that return of it all has only left me with a burning throat, congested nasal passages, and the desire to NEVER live through that again.

I've read morning sickness is associated with smell and that the more intense your sniffer is the more likely you are to suffer from the pukes. I must say, I awoke late last night to an odd smell that I heard myself mutter, "lemon-grass." It's the all-natural bug spray we use in the house. We've had an ant issue in the kitchen and so I'm assuming my husband decided to spray down some areas with the spray last night and the smell was still lingering this morning. I think maybe this is the problem; I'd been taunted by the smell all night to only walk directly into the room this morning. Poor guy, he was only trying to help, and instead I'll have to blab off at the mouth once he wakes up about the fact that we will NOT be using that spray anymore while I'm carrying this child. THE END. Hell actually broke loose and tried to use my stomach as a gateway to all evil. We must contain it and ensure the human race is safe from it's exposure and that this Momma remains happy and puke free for the next 7.5 to 8 months.

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