Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays

Crazy About My Baybah

Thanks to Twitter, I spotted a great blogging topic for this Thursday. Crazy About My Baybah is hosting a link up where bloggers with toddlers get together and post about different topics. This week's topic: Emergency Kit For Your Babysitter. Awesome!

I actually don't have one of these. In the rare occasion that Sean and I do ask his mom to watch Maddie, we typically tell her where we're going, when we'll be back, and then I double check that her cell phone works {at times in the past it hasn't}, and therefore if something comes up she can reach us by phone on our cells. However, after reading other posts about this topic, I realized it would be best if we actually provided her with other info as well: a list of emergency numbers, pedi's name and number, a local evening pediatric center's name and number, possibly even the number of the restaurant or movie theater we're at, and other important information about when Maddie ate last, her bed time routine, and the such. I know when Maddie was an infant and my MIL watched her while I went to a summer math class, I always left her routine schedule of bottle times and such. Now, how strictly she went by that I'm not sure but at least it was there for her to reference back to.

I think the emergency kit is a great idea for anyone who may be watching your kid{s}, even if it's for a quick run of errors or an overnight stay, any information is definitely better than none, in my book. :)

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