Friday, July 1, 2011

Running The Gate 2 Gate 2012

I drool as I watch runners pass me by while I push my jogging stroller, never attempting even to pick up my pace.

My pregnancies bring with them terrible mood swings, morning sickness, over the top fatigue {I'm in bed, typically, by 8:00 pm every night}, unquenchable hunger, bloating, and an all get out terrible blah feeling. However, I have plans after this pregnancy and those plans involve running, and to be able to get back into running after giving birth will require a bit of dedication, ambition, and struggle while pregnant.

I ran the Gate To Gate Memorial Day, 2010. I had hoped to run it again this year but instead I was at home enjoying my oldest son's graduation from high school. :) A proud Mama could never miss that moment! So, there's next year. It will be only 3 months after having a baby, but hey, some woman out there has probably done such a thing, right? Right! And therefore, through some logic, I should be able to do it, too. Ok, here's the thing, if I don't try to prepare and train for it, I'll never know if it was even possible. I'm ok with failing at the end, but never trying, that's too big of an obstacle for me. And yet don't quote me on this when it comes to my panic/anxiety disorder fears/phobias, logical thinking doesn't work in insane moments, just so you know. :)

So, I've started my workouts on my stationary bike and I'm shocked at how awesome it feels once a workout is done. God is too awesome to make such amazing bodies that produce endorphins by simply working out! I'm also doing some hand weights while riding. My upper body is the weakest part of me and I must admit, it's my most undesirable parts, IMO.

So, here's to dreaming big, hoping it works out, and pushing through it all just to try and make it happen! Happy moments, my friends....

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