Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prompt Me: Vacation

Last May found us in Florida at the beach. I'd gone down to run the Gate to Gate race and spend time with family. It was a great weekend! And, with a new school year and new classroom, I'm finally able to take advantage of this year's fall break with a plan of heading back down to Fl for more family and beach time. I'm so excited, so looking forward to relaxing and enjoy precious time with those I love.

  But, we won't be waiting til this fall to experience some fun water time with the fam. This weekend we're heading to Six Flags White Water in Atlanta, Ga to celebrate Jeremy and Papa J's birthdays!!! I'm really looking forward to hanging out with everyone, watching Jeremy and Austin ride rides that would only make me pee myself and spending time in the kiddie pool where I belong {cause I'm such a scaredy-cat} with Maddie. :)

I think vacations are very important to keeping ones sanity. I love taking the opportunity to simply relax and free myself from all other worries. What more could you ask for than spending time and sharing yourself with others. :)

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