Monday, November 14, 2011

Hand Vibes: Attitude With Fingers

HandVibes is the first product created by Cowboy Products, bringing innovative products to kids around the world. HandVibes is a fun way for kids of all ages to keep their attitude at their fingertips. With three rings in each pack, nine vibrant colors, 25 unique sayings, and 5 rare emoticon designs, the collection features a whopping 235 unique rings in all!

So when HandVibes approached me to do a review of their product I jumped at the idea knowing Jeremy would love these. The rings arrived immediately and I broke then out to hand to the kids. Maddie even got involved and even though she kept calling them, "Jeremy rings," she had to try a few on herself.

Now, being 9 Jeremy understands the concept of attitude. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear some sort of grunt, whine, or complaint in regards to a parenting decision I've made, but HandVibes seems to put a cool twist to kid attitude with sayings such as: Coolio, Friends,  and even ROFL, it's fashion made for fingers. And being a collectable, these will make great stocking-stuffers this year. I can't wait to pick up more packs and pass them to other kids on my list.

Advantage: Cool designs, well made material, and they have a large variety to choose from. My kids really have enjoyed wearing them.

Disadvantage: I've been unable to locate a price anywhere on the website. I'd also like to know when and where the HandVibes will be showing up in stores so I can pick up more packs.

Overall, I'd like to thank Cowboy Products for the opportunity to review their product. My kids are having a blast with HandVibes and I'm sure they'll continue to be a hit with others as well. 

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