Friday, December 23, 2011

My Birth Plan: Yes Even With #4 I Still Don't Have An Idea What I'm Doing!

So, I've checked around, I've read over sites, and I've finally come up with my birth plan. I shared it with my doctor a week ago and pretty much he said yes to everything: my saline block rather than full IV, no induction, limited fetal monitoring, and placing my bed into a practical squat position. He was ok with everything, assuming the baby is happy and healthy, and I left the office feeling confident and excited.

Then I spent a week thinking about my birth plan and I've decided that I want to go natural but if I end up asking for pain management either through an epidural or pain meds, I'm gonna be ok with that. I truly did enjoy my natural, home birth with Maddie, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to duplicate that birth. I'd love to, but being in a different environment with different circumstances just isn't realistic to think things are going to go the exact way they did before. And, speaking of how things will go, this also means things won't go the way they did with any of my babies, so I don't have to be haunted by fear of a painful birth or delusional to think I'll sleep til 8 cms like with Maddie.

I think the important point I want to make during this birth is not to base my decisions on fear. If I'm scared of the intensity and/or discomfort then I want to voice that rather than beg for a drug thinking it will take away the moment or experience. I want to be comforted more than I even want to be pain free. I want to be appreciative of my body's power and strength and yet to be open enough to relax and just allow my birth to happen.

So, there we have it...I've come to terms with the discomfort of childbirth, I've come to terms with the individuality of the experience of childbirth, and I've finally decided to voice my fears rather than be dictated by them. Only a little while longer, Friends, and then we'll meet this little person. :)

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