Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ok, That Was Just De-lish: Health Food Bananza

Yesterday I had a craving: almonds dipped in yogurt. I was also craving a jar of olives to which I got and ate...almost the whole jar. Anyway, the almonds and yogurt, even though to my head or stomach seemed like a great treat, just didn't come about. However, it did spark the idea to finally try plain yogurt {or actually vanilla} with fresh fruit.

I'd seen this treat advertised as a healthy alternative to to junk foods and even to some other processed yogurts so this morning I gave it a shot...and fell in love with it.

A cup of vanilla yogurt - 210 calories w/ 11 grams of protein
A small hand full of fresh blueberries - 20 calories
A teaspoon of flaxseed for fiber benefits - 20 calories

And what a treat it was! The only other item I think I'd like to add next is granola. I do believe this is going to become a regular breakfast and even snack food in this house.

What about You, what new health food/snack have you tried?

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