Friday, January 13, 2012

The Creepiest Toy

When Jeremy was small he had a toy that would begin playing/talking late at night. I always blamed it on low batteries or some short in a wire. Eventually I threw it out simply because it gave me the creeps.

When I was a child I had a small, stuffed poney or at least that's what I always thought it was. It stood at the foot of my bed and watched me while I slept. I never rode or really played with it but it had come back from South America with us when I was just a toddler or so and therefore held some sort of need to my parents to be a part of my room. It would freak me out at times the way it just watched me. It's long gone now.

This past Christmas my cousin, who's as close to a sister that I have, gave Maddie a life size doll. The unique thing about it all is that it looks just like my cousin! The doll stands about 2 feet tall, has shoes, clothes, everything that makes a doll a doll but it creeps me out. It now stands at the foot of Maddie's bed...watching.

At night when I lay in the room with my daughter I look at the doll, studing it closing, trying to see if it will move, glancing up at me or make any type of jumping motion to rush over and stab us with it's plastic finger. It hasn't so far. But if there ever comes a time that Maddie actually starts talking to the doll, just like she actually does to all her other toys, I think I'll get a little too freaked out and start thinking the doll is possess or something. Thank goodness it hasn't come to that, thank goodness the doll is merely a side note in our decoration, a gift that is loved but not adored for fear of craziness {of a mother}. :)

p.s. the doll will always hold a special place in my heart because of who it came from, but seriously, the day that thing ends up in a different room or Maddie starts carrying it around like it's real...bye-bye dolly!

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