Friday, January 6, 2012

I'ts Called The Cry It Out Sleep Method

I don't do it. Well, I don't intentionally do it.

Maddie is a night owl and there is no denying it. She loves playing late into the night and sleeping in once the sun rises. I am not. I am a morning person. I enjoy early bed times and workouts before the birds are even up.

We definitely differ on our sleep style. 

I've tried to work with her. My theory is - you wake up early, you'll go to bed early. So, when you go to bed late, we must wake up early, and eventually will turn back the clock, and change our sleep time.

Now, back to crying it out, I don't particularly care for this method. I tried it with my first son and it was heartbreaking. My kids and I typically end up cosleeping. I don't really mind but I do feel pressured from those around me to raise my children to be more independent and sleep alone.

So, for the last two nights, I've informed Maddie that we're going to bed {I admit we don't have a great bed time routine}, we turn off the tv at 10:00 pm and we begin the "lay down" time. I lay with her and we sing a few songs and then I remind her it's time for sleep. She starts crying. She cries for 30 minutes. I stay calm. She stops and tries to chat. I remind her it's time for bed. She cries, for another hour, and it's then that I realize my kid is Crying It Out while I lay there next to her. No, I can't leave her, she'd just get up and wander, and remember, I don't particularly like the idea of the crying it out.

So what do we do? I go back to my earlier idea, wake up early, go to bed early. But I'll let ya in on another little secret, the baby in my belly, wakes up around 10:00 pm and "plays" all night long. *sighs* I am worried that I will never sleep again. Never.

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