Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Boy Is A Week Old, I'm a Multitasking Momma, And I'm Still Waiting On My Body To Realize We're No Longer Pregnant

What a wonderful week it has been! Jacob came into this world at 6:43 pm last Wednesday, I stayed two days in the hospital, came home to discover plenty of naps and wonderful kindness from the amazing dinners provided by Sunday school friends, and as I walked down the hall carrying my baby and two wet/dirty diapers {Maddie and Jacob's} I realized that I AM able to do it.

It's not to say I don't become overwhelmed and/or emotional and even a bit irrational at times but overall I think we're doing great. Jacob has started sleeping in 4 hour naps during the night so I'm able to get some sleep. He eats like a pro during the day which has brought about a milk supply that could feed a small city. :) I am still feeling a bit of discomfort in my pelvic area, it's as if I've had a cyst rupture or at least it's the same discomfort as when I did have one rupture. I'm not sure if this is normal, I don't remember it with my other kids. My doctor appointment is in a couple of weeks so I'll get everything checked out then.

My belly still feels swollen and bloated and I seem to have become a gas producing machine which I'm not sure is still due to hormones or if I'm just now incapable of breaking down any foods without causing a methane gas hot spot in my gut, either way, it's not a huge problem as long as I stay inside the house forever and never have guests over. :)

Like I said, we're all having a blast and below is a video of Week 1 With Jacob - Enjoy!

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