Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much TV Will Rot Your Brain

In my opinion, too much tv will rot your brain. :) Plain and simple. Being glued to the tube {which they don't seem to have tubes anymore} leaves you lifeless and slinking away like a worm.

But wait a minute, I actually had a pretty cool thought the other day when my kid was skipping channels and landed on some show that was providing all this cool info on some wild animals and then it hit me, tv can actually bring experiences and knowledge that can't be found by simply playing in the back yard. My kid would have never learned about a whambat or cougar by playing with the kids down the street but by watching a show he gained some new background knowledge.

And I think that's the key, what ya get out of it really determines the quality of what you're watching. I don't feel comfortable letting my kids watch violent movies/video games but I do see the importance of acknowledging that violence does occur in our society and that most movies do depict some sort of real life crisis.

And then there's the educational kid shows to which my husband claims he learned to read from watching them as a kid. I don't really recall any educational shows as a kid but then again, movies and shows have never really meant anything to me, even today I can never recall whether or not I've watched a particular movie until I actually sit down and start to watch it kind of annoys my movie loving hubs, but oh well. :)

So, when it all comes down to it, tv is definitely a part of our lives. I day dream at times of throwing them all out and living off books and outdoor experiences but I do realize we'd be missing a part of our culture/society by doing so. In my opinion the best bet is balance and to use the time you are watching tv to interact with your kids/spouse rather than to completely just zone out and become zombiefied, I mean that is what we mean by "rot your brain," right?

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