Monday, March 19, 2012

Got Tape?? Shoplet Duck Tape Review

Duck Printed Duct Tape
Just the other day Maddie was screaming, "tape, tape, I need tape, please!" She was trying to stuff 5 bouncy balls into an Elmo game and needed the tape to keep the door shut. I ran and grabbed the tape bag, let her sort through the different textures and widths and she decided on blue painters tape, too bad I didn't have this jazzy Zebra Printed Duck Tape available at the time or I'm sure it would have been her first choice. :)

And, who doesn't love animal print duck tape? As a preschool teacher I've actually used duck tape in different situations in the room, it's a great way to outline floor boarders, and again, the kids would love the different prints. carries a wide variety of office and home supplies such as Duck Tape  and other tape dispensers. Speaking of which, along with the duck tape I received I also had the opportunity to try the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape and the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape with Dispenser

I was pretty excited about this review since Maddie has become pen pals with a gal in England, and I most definitely could use some nice packing tape with dispenser. I was impressed with the ease of setting the tape up, simply by pulling the start tap and lacing it through the dispenser, you're ready to start taping. The tape flowed smoothly and easily and was released by sharp metal teeth at the end of the dispenser. The dispensers are durable plastic and the tape doesn't split or crack as I've had happen with other brands of clear tape. 

Overall, I'm very happy with the quality, durability, and ease of these products. I look forward to using them through out my house for different projects and adventures. :)

This review was sponsored by I received these items free in return for my honest review of the products.

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