Thursday, April 26, 2012

Laughter, Glue, Scissors, and Song

Mama Kat posted an interesting question for this week's writing prompt: what do you love most about your job?
When I think of my job there are two sides to it. There's the laughter, the area within my four walls I call my classroom. We cut with scissors, we glue, and we laugh. We learn what it's like to be a friend. We discover new abilities and ideas. We dance. We sing. Sometimes we even fall down and bump our knee...but in that moment there's always someone around to pick ya back up, dust you off, and help you carry on.
That's what I love about my job. I love the fact that the good Lord not only gave me 4 of my own biological children but that each year I get another dozen of great kids to love, cherish, and grow with. I love that I get to be a kid over and over again. I love sharing life with the innocent. And since I also get to work with kids with special needs, I get to see what it's like to really work for what a kid has. Sometimes when I face a difficult moment in life I think about my kids in class and all the struggles they go through but they don't ever give up, they simply keep going.
The other side of my job, well, it's the side that deals with the other adults. It's about me learning how to be grown up. It's about me learning my own strengths and weaknesses. It's about me learning that I need others to help me be better than who I am today. It's the side of my job that doesn't always leave me with happy feelings inside but it's definitely the side that stretches me and helps me to grow.
I can see where both sides of this job are important, necessary. And I can see why I love my job so. Sometimes I think I'd be better off behind a desk, pushing papers, making phone calls and leaving it all behind come quitin' time but then I remember the laughter from the day and I realize there is no better place for me thatn sitting in the floor, legs criss-crossed applesauce enjoying a good book about a mouse and cheese, living up the good life. :)
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