Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Style: Fresh Produce Review {Fashion}

As a Mom I'm always on the look out for cute clothes for my kids. So I always get excited whenever a clothing company contacts me to review their outfits. I mean who doesn't love getting free adorable kid's clothes, right?!!

Well, just imagine how this Mom of 4 felt when I received an email from an adult and children's clothing store with the offer of reviewing one their products? I was thrilled. Momma was getting a new look! Fresh Produce is a fun, stylish, clothing store offering girls and women high quality products including womens' tops , clothes for spring , and basic dresses . And, they ship to over 200 countries so women outside the US can enjoy their products as well. So I surfed around on their site, enjoying the look of all the outfits, trying to find the most perfect one to match my style. I finally decided on the Float Above Top in the color of Cool Breeze . I must admit, I had a really hard time deciding on which size to pick. Since I'm still working on getting my pre-baby body back and I'm nursing {this causes the girls to be a bit larger than usual}, I was torn on which size to get since I'm in between sizes at the moment. So I contacted a respresentative from Fresh Produce to discuss sizing and she was extremely helpful. She reminded me of the sizing chart, which is located easily on each page of the website, and reassured me that if the product didn't fit I could always return it for a different size. I was then able to order with confidence.

I received my top within a week or so of placing my order and instantly ripped open the packaging to reveal a gorgeous product. The color is amazing. I love how soft the blue is yet very vibrant. The top is well made, soft and breatheable, yet I was actually surprised by the weight of it, it's certainly not a thin material, again simply reaffirming the high quality of this product.

I love the way this top falls and how it even acsents my womanly figure. The front is a little longer than the back but it plays well into the style. The material also flows well and doesn't clinge which I think ever woman will agree this is a huge plus, unless you're sporting a six pack of abs, you need a nice top to highlight the sensual and yet help hide the small abudnace areas. Overall, I am extremely happy with the quality as well as the style. The price was a little higher than what I usually pay for a top {$64} but since this product is so well made and so versatile, I think it's a great investment. I will be wearing this out to eat with my Hubs, shopping on the weekends, out with the girls, and even to church. And honestly, with the way it feels, I'll probably simply wear it around the house, enjoying the feel of wearing something beautiful and yet so comfortable. I definitely plan on ording from Fresh Produce again for my work clothes {I'm a teacher} as well as simply updating my wardrobe with their beautiful aray of clothing.

I wish I could have shown you a pic of me wearing this beauty but my camera has turned up lost and my phone is under the weather. It seems I'm technologically limited today. So, you'll simply have to enjoy the pic I have posted as well as take my word for it all. I received this product in return for my review. These opinions are 100% mine and honest.

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