Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm a Semi-Ego-Kind of Friendly Gal

I really do care about the environment and yet I'm pretty inconsistent with it comes to sticking with ideas that actually make a difference. I remember the whole recycling moment I had as a child and the bags of paper products I made my parents take to the local dump to recycle. I never actually helped out with the process but more or less preached about the cause until it was done. :) My leadership skills.

And then there are the environmental friendly products I buy, use, and then at some point decide to gripe about the price of such products and then out of the blue switch to the cheaper, more chemically based products. I do love the DIY cleaners on pinterest, and yet I think I'm a little apprehensive to give it all a go. I tend to make big boo-boos on projects and I've gotten to where I don't enjoy the aftermath of it all so I tend to stick with what I know. I should change that.

And, let's not forget the hype I have over locally grown organic foods. That certain cuts down on chemicals in the environment. And, honestly, I do believe these chemicals cause severe damage to our health, especially to the health of our children. I'm not sure why I don't stick with what I know to be best. It's time I did so. It's time to stop walking around with my eyes clinched tightly, trying to ignore the damage that is being done, and actually actively take a part in being healthier for my Earth and my family. And I will.....

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