Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Style

My style is comfy. Working with kids I don't typically dress up for work. I try to look presentable but by the end of the day it's not uncommon for me to be covered in paint, glue, bleach water, or some other bodily fluid I'd rather not mention. So, when given the option of what I'd like to wear on an off day, it comes down to simple, comfy, and flattering. 

A couple of years ago I picked up two great, cotton skirts and they became my go-to-lounge-around-the-house-clothes. They are free flowing, light weight, and even though they are a bit tattered, you will still find me sporting them after a hard day's work. 

I didn't realize how limited my wardrobe was until it took me a moment to become comfortable in skirts/dresses. Shorts, pants, and jeans were all comfy items but showing my legs in a skirt was a bit more feminine than what I was use to. So, like I said, after living in my cotton skirts, I became more comfortable with the idea and began picking up more skirts and dresses, experimenting with the feel of sexy and confident. :) 

Below are a couple of items I've pinned to illustrate the look like I like. I may not actually parade around in these items but I do find them to be adorable and maybe one day I'll branch out and begin wearing them. :)

Comfy Blouse Turquoise & White | Bettie Page Clothing            Oasis Clothing | Off White Daisy Bodice Dress | Womens Fashion Clothing | Oasis Stores UK  

What about You? What's your style??

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