Thursday, July 19, 2012

alternaVites Vitamins

Photo: Introducing alternaVites Kids' Vitamin Princess alternaVites are high-quality multiviatmins created in a unique crystal powder that melts in your mouth. 

Designed for children aged 4 and up, these vitamins are a perfect alternative to other sugary, gummie chewables on the market. alternaVites are free of sugar, high fructose syrup, aspertaine, perservatives, and are certified as a kosher product.

My 10 year old has been using them for the last month and even though it took him a bit to get use to the taste {he claims it needs more sugar}, it's a quick and easy way to ensure he gets the nutrients he needs for the day.

When I tried the product it reminded me of the powdered treats we enjoyed as a kid, with a little bit of a bitter kick. It's a mouth full of product and may take a child a couple tries to get it all down. The price of this product is $15.95, a typical price for vitamins, and if you're interested in ordering today, you can save 20% by using the code moms20.

Overall, I think alternaVites has really hit on a great idea, providing healthy vitamins for kids, and what Mom couldn't be happy with that? :)

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