Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shoplet Review: IPhone Sleeve and The Big Tag

I was pleasantly surprised to receive within my next shipment from the Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve and Royce Leather The Big Tag . I had narrow-mindedly assumed all office supplies  consisted of notebook paper and staples, not items like iPhone accessories or luggage tags. But here I sit, corrected, and enjoying my products. :)

The Royce Leather iPhone Sleeve is a sleek, black, leather sleeve that protects your iPhone {as well as Android} smart phone. The simple design snuggly protects your phone, front to back, something most other covers can't offer. And even though the case is snug, it's still quiet simple to get your phone in and out of, and I also love that I can now place my phone in my purse and know that it's protected from all the other items that seemed to float around in there. No more scratches or nicks to my phone, it's safely protected in it's black, leather case. The advantage to this product is protection, the disadvantage, I couldn't see the face of my phone unless I removed it completely from the sleeve. I'll be using this product to store my phone in my purse, bag, or simply when it's resting around the house. The price of this product sells for $11.84 each.

The Royce Leather The Big Tag is made from soft leather and looks spendid on my daughter's backpack. It has a large window {6"x4"x1/4"} that offers a place to document private information such as your address, phone number, and such in case your bag is ever lost, and a thin leather flap covers the information so that it's not exposed to passer-byers. I didn't feel comfortable placing our street address on my tag but I did put my cell number on the card so in case we ever left her bag anywhere I could be notified. This product sells for $9.30 each. The only disadvantage I saw in this product is that the clip is small and wouldn't latch around all my bags. However, the quality and size are nice and I would still recommend this product to anyone who'd like an idification tag for a bag. Again, thanks to for these great items!

These products were sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions.

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