Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh How Time Flies: An Update On Life

Time seems to be moving so fast lately. There are days that slip past and I wonder where it all went. I am still working through my post partum depression, most days are wonderful, but there are still days that it takes everything to simply move. I wonder when the symptoms will change.
In regards to my wonderful children, Austin will be 19 next month, Jeremy just turned 10, Maddie is using the potty like a big girl, and Jacob is 6 months old now.
Again, time seems to move so quickly. I want it to just stop for a moment and let me catch my breath.
August starts a new school year and I pray it brings growth, understanding, challenges, and great satisfaction.
My legs run but my body is still different than it once was. It seems every time you pop a little person out it takes a bit more to get back to where it was before. It is good to have my own body back, though, to feel independent and free. I'm still nursing Jacob but he eats a great deal of food during the day. Every time I look at him I see myself changing. It's hard to explain but when I look down and see him crawling I realize I'll never hold another newborn in my arms. He is my last baby and with every day that passes I get further and further away from being a Mom of a baby. It's bittersweet. :)
And so is life.....
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