Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Does My Life Measure Up

Going Green with the GrizlsA great prompt was given from my Summer Blog Challenge, in how does my life measure up to the vision I had when I was younger. Well, I never saw myself as a Mother of 4, I'll tell ya that. I had always imagined I'd go off to school and live a very independent life. I may or may not marry but would spend my time outdoors, hiking, bike riding, and climbing mountains. 

It's interesting, because I became a Mom at such a young age I didn't dream about how my life would turn out. I never envisioned a grand wedding or a fancy lifestyle. I simply focused on finishing high school with a baby on my hip, getting into college, finishing college, and starting a career. I guess overall I've done all those things and so life has pretty much turned out the way I had hoped. 

I seem to daydream more often now of a clean, clutter free home, bike rides, runs, reading books, enjoying wine and then I snap out of it and realize I don't need any of those things to have a great life, I'm living my great life with screaming kids and a cluttered home. I laugh and love. I sweat and run. Life will change over time and I'll find myself in different places and positions but overall I think I'm here more for the adventure than planning it all out. 

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