Sunday, August 26, 2012

Taking A Moment To Make A Difference

It's time to make a change. I'm not really sure what brought on the actual decision - maybe it's the way my pants fit, the image I see in the door as I walk into the grocery store, or simply the collective experiences I've had with disease and death. But something has to change...and that starts with me.

Diabetes has been on my mind recently. Sean went to the doctor and his blood results were on the high side. His blood sugar has had me concerned for that last week so I went out today and picked up a glucose monitor. I wanted to know what our bodies were doing with food, how it responded to what we put into our mouths, and then I wanted to know how I could do it differently.

My first reading - 117, two hours after eating sushi. My second reading - 83, coming in from a nice walk with the kids. And my final reading for today - 76, I'm now cooking dinner and can feel the symptoms of low blood sugar. My body doesn't like to get below 70 so I'm cooking a black bean burger and I'll crumble it over a salad. 

I've already been making small changes over the past month: no sugar to my coffee, trying to overcome sugary cravings, and I'm now taking notice of sugar and carbohydrates on products. I know I can't remove these items from all my foods but simply keeping them in mind and eating in moderation w/ exercise should really help my health.

It's good to know, so far, that my body is handing sugar well. With those three readings, it seems to say my levels are pretty stable, but I'll need a good weeks worth to really determine my averages. Now, in regards to Sean, his levels look more like prediabetic numbers. He is trying, he's removed the soda from his diet, and hopefully he'll start exercising. I think if we work on it together, changing our eating habits and becoming more active, we'll not only set great examples for our kids, but we'll save ourselves and our family a great deal of pain in the long run.

Sean and I both lost a parent due to diabetic complications and we don't need our own kids going through that. It's time we make a change. :)

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