Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exploring Chattanooga: Chester Frost Park

Since Fall has officially arrived, what better way to enjoy it than being outside!
This weekend the kids and I stepped out to what is practically our backyard and visited Chester Frost Park .  Of course we frequent this park often and for many different reasons. At times you'll catch us swimming in the lake, walking the beach, but today {like many before it} we're feeding the geese. 

My kids love to feed the geese. We typically take some sort of bread: old popcorn, stale sandwich bread, or left over hamburger buns. The geese and ducks seem to enjoy it all. Today we offered popcorn and they came a runnin' but first we enjoyed our own picnic of gas station hotdogs. Really, there is nothing more American than picking up hotdogs from a convient store and taking it out to a picnic table to enjoy in the good outdoors. Ok, maybe there are things more American, but not today, not in this blog. :)

Like I said, hotdogs and geese. Life is simple and fun, just the way childhood should be. All in all we probably were surrounded by about 30 to 40 geese, all making their honking, geese noises and my kids were in animal {or at least bird} heaven. And, after Maddie had emptied the popcorn bag she had to do a little rounded up of the geese which entailed her running after them, arms flapping, screaming some crazed, child type siren, enjoying the feel of being in control of wild, feathery creatures causing them to run and flap around the grounds. It was then I decided we needed to find the playground. My child was beginning to go crazy. :)

The park actually offers two playgrounds. A larger one near the lake, in the sand, and a second one actually located on the camp grounds. I typically go to the second one since it's more quiet and less crowded. As we pulled up to the playground and began walking, the aroma of campfires filled the air. I had an instant craving for marshmallows slapped onto a dirty stick, dangled over a fire til it's black and burned. Oh those were the days. Instead Maddie run up to play and Jacob and I sat on the ground. He instantly began eating the mulch, realizing his diet was lacking in some sort of natural fiber. I thought about taking away his new found items but instead let him do a bit of exploring, keeping at eye out to see if he decided to scare the life out of me by choking...he didn't, and while I waited to rescue him, Maddie decided it was time to go potty, which simply means it was time to go home. 

We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, the birds were plentiful, and the scenery was breathtaking. I love spending time with my kids outdoors. 

What about You? What parks have You visited lately? 

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