Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery Orange CountyDrug abuse and psychological illnesses not only effect the individual suffering from the addiction but also those around the person as well. Morningside Recovery in Orange County, CA. offers extended stay facilities, outpatient treatment centers, outdoor activities, as well as diet and nutrition centers to meet the needs of the whole individual. 
Morningside Recovery uses a dual-diagnosis treatment to not only treat the addiction but to also treat the trauma or psychological disorder that led to the abuse. After the healing process has begun, an individual can then start to rebuild his/her life through the educational and career programs. Morningside Recovery works with local universities and vocational schools to provide an individual with the skills necessary to live independently and successfully without alcohol or drugs. Outdoor activities are also encouraged as an alternative to substance abuse. 

Morningside Recovery offers a success rate of over 92% with certified interventionists who can work with the family, offering effective communication and support rather than an attack like intervention. Morningside Recovery not only works with patients suffering from alcohol abuse but also Ecstatic abuse, LSD abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and even video game addiction.  

Morningside Recovery offers high quality treatment while providing a tranquil, serene atmosphere for recovery. If you know someone or you yourself is suffering from substance abuse and/or psychological trauma, reach out to those who care and contact Morningside Recovery @ 866-382-2806 or a local rehab facility nearest you.

I received monetary compensation for this review. This information was gathered through the Morningside Recovery website.

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