Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Halloweeen Costumes

Who doesn't love a day where you get to dress up, march around the neighborhood in that Oh-So-Awesome costume, and eat literally a ton of candy? I mean, come on, this is so a childhood dream fulfilled!
Well, ok, maybe it's not. Maybe I'm not that Mom who dresses the whole family up in those Oh-So-Awesome costumes and parade around like a little Ms. Martha Stewart knock-off. Instead, I'm usually running around the whole month of October, not even realizing I need to even think about getting my kids a cute costume before they are all sold out and instead end up cutting a couple holes in a sheet and telling my kid, "oh, babe, you are the most awesome ghost E.V.E.R.!"
Yeah, well, this year I'm thinking ahead. I've spent hours cruising over Pinterest boards looking for just the right family halloween costumes to fit my crew. What did I find? Awesomeness!!!
 The Flinstones were one of my fav. cartoons while growing up. My kids could so Rock this!
47 Fun, Freaky And Fantastic Family Halloween Costumes
Fun and Fantastic Family Halloween Costumes (33 pics) | Little White LionLittle White Lion
My Kids LOVE Angry Birds...we could so do this........
Mommy and Baby Zombie family halloween costume
This one has to be my favorite, thought...come on, ZOMBIES......
Ok, so those were my top 3 or at least ones that I think I could manage to look somewhat presentable or at least resemble the main idea of the costume. The other dozen or so family costume pictures and blog links can all be found on my Family Halloween Costumes board. No more holey ghost sheets for us, this year we will so be ready! Unless of course your kid just really does rock The Ghost Sheet and then by all means, have at it.

 Wishing you all a happy and safe Halloween! And check out another post, Spirit Halloween ,  for all your Halloween needs!
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