Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{Product Review} Medline Remedy Skin Care is known for it's high quality office stationary, promotional products such as promotional shirts, and all other needed office supplies. However, also offers skin care products from Medline, the leader in health care products.
Some of these Medline products include: hydrating cleansing foam which is a no -rinse cleanser to be used on hair and/or body. This is a great product for anyone caring for a loved one who may be bedridden and unable to bath in the bathroom. I remember using these no-rinse products when my mother was in the hospital. It not only cleaned the hair and skin but also allowed her to feel more comfortable, emotionally and physically, knowing she was able to maintain her daily routine of bathing. The nourishing moisturizer skin cream restores nutrients and hydration to dry, cracked skin. This lotion can be used daily and is hypoalergenic. The hydrating moisturizer lotion leaves a breathable,water resistant film for long lasting skin nurtishment, which is great for healing dry, cracked skin. These lotions also come in a lightly scented fragrance. Nothing over powering but certainly not the familiar hospital smell. Medline also provides flushable wipes  which are made of natural, biodegradable fibers which disperse just like toilet paper during flushing. I recall using flushable wipes after having my babies. Again, it was that little extra cleanse that I so appreciated.
Overall, these products are highly effective, sensitive enough to be used daily, and offer a delicate touch to your personal skin care routine. Again, I enjoy the fragrance of the lotions and the usefulness of the products. Remember and Medline if you're in the need for reasonably priced skin care products.
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