Monday, October 21, 2013

Point + Shoot

Today I'm joining a good friend at SnowingIndoors with a Point and Shoot post. Friday began my Fall Break which means fun, relaxing times at this house over the weekend.
Friday, Maddie and I enjoyed a nice walk at the local riverpark after school. I love the beauty of this season; so many colors and changes.
Saturday was spent outside again, playing in the yard.
Sunday was spent completeing our halloween decorations by carving our pumpkins. The weather has been unusally warm this year so we waited a bit before carving so they wouldn't rot in the sun.
Jacob wasn't a big fan of cleaning out the pumpkins, so he had Daddy do it.
Maddie, on the other hand, enjoyed the mess.
I also carved some small pumpkins that now remind me of faces from the Ninja Turtles. Overall it as a fun and relaxing weekend!
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