Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Being a Mamavation Mom and Reaching Beyond Myself

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I'm into week 3 of my Mamavation Mom Boot Camp, and as I glance over at my notebook with all it's colorful tabs, printed paper, and hand scribled notes, I smile because I see how many changes are already taking place within just a short amount of time.
Do you ever feel as if you're excactly where you should be? That's how I feel right now while working with the Mamavation Team. It's as if little moments of my life have been built together to prepare me to be where I am now. I've always thought outside of the box and questioned many beliefs and by doing so I'm more aware and open to the changes that are taking place in my life now.
And I'm not only seeing these changes take place in my home but changes are also taking place in my work environment. I've shared this journey with my co-workers and friends from when I first applied to be a Mamavation Mom to the hazing, results, and even knowledge I'm learning on a daily basis.

This week I had to go out and buy some cleaning supplies for my classroom. My BFF and co-worker just said, "look, get me a big bottle of bleach and we'll make bleach water." I shook my head, "No. I can't do it. Bleach is bad and I wont bring it into the classroom." I suggested a vinegar based solution to which everyone moaned and groaned but at least we didn't go with the bleach. And to me, that's a small step. They may not be ready to ditch all chemicals with me but at least they're willing to listen to my reasoning and compromise as we move into a cleaner (less chemical based) environment.
So, not only is Mamavation touching my life, the lives of my children and husband, but they now are reaching out to two other homes as well as the 7 children that sit in my classroom. And as my Mom always said, "We change the world one child at a time," and as Mamavation  says, "Changing lives one Mom at a time," together, there just isn't anything that we can't  done and ultimately change. :)
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