Monday, January 27, 2014

Finding Time To Fit In Fitness

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About 4 years my life changed forever when a friend of mine mentioned running a half marathon. Instantly, I fell in love with the idea and ran to my computer to Google running plans. I ran everyday for about 6 months straight, running a couple of 5k's within that time, always looking forward to running a long distance race. Well, life steps in and changes our priorities at times, but I've never given up on my dream of finishing a half marathon. :)
To me, fitness has become my way of staying sane. I feel more balaced physically and mentally when I work out. So, even though my workout plans and times may change due to situations that come up, I still try to set time aside for myself to move my body and sweat.
When I get to bed before 10:00 pm, I'm a morning workout gal, hitting the gym by 5:00 am. I love the morning workout because by mid afternoon, I've forgotten about that morning's run and I'm thinking of what workout I'll enjoy that's like getting a double shot of Starbucks for FREE! However, on those days that I need extra sleep, I make a mental note that I WILL get my workout in no matter what happens to come up when I get home in the evenings. Whether it be screaming kids, a messy house, or just my desire to sit on the couch, I know that if I didn't workout that morning then it's not an option to skip an evening workout, and, usually I'm happy to workout after dinner because it curbs my appetite and ensures I won't be tempted to snack before bed. :)
Overall, I'm happy to say fitness is permanently a part of my life now and I love sharing it with my family and hearing my kids talk about "working out" and "being fit". :)
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