Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can You Love Yourself At Any Weight?

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I have struggled with my weight and body image since I was a young teenager. Even at my ideal weight, I always felt uncomfortable and undesireable. I know many women experience these emotions, and sadly, the media doesn't help any by airbrushing every magazine model out there.
And just recently, while playing at a local museum with my kids, I realized just how uncomfortable I am in regards to my weight, especially when my 4 year old daughter encouraged me to step up on a scale in the clinc pretend area. I laughed and plainly stated, "NO!" I mean, come on, there was a man with his kid in there as well...I did NOT want my weight flashing up on the screen for all to see.
Since then I've reflected a great deal on that moment. And I realize that I don't want my children to develop a sckewed body image. I don't want my daughter to shy away from scales or feel as if she's unattractive and unwanted. I want my children to know and understand health and fitness. I want them to use their bodies to their max and enjoy the abilities they have.
I want to love myself today...right now. I don't want to wait until I'm 30 lbs or 50 lbs lighter to be proud of myself, to enjoy myself in public, and/or to simply live life! I want to make healthy choices for myself based on love and concern for my body not because I want the scale to say a particular number.
So I recently asked myself the question, "what if your weight never goes below 200? Can you love yourself at this weight?" And now I can finally say, "Yes. Yes I can." I can use a scale to measure body weight but never again will I place my value on that number, nor will I even base my sucess/failure on that number again. Instead I will set obtainable goals such as: particular nutrition, race times/distances, and my overall feeling of well being.

Never again will I view a woman's beauty based on her pants size but instead on her love of others, self, and life. Therefore, let me just say...hello, World, I'm Toni, and today, I love myself.....

What about You? Do You deal with body image issues? How do You love Yourself?

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