Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Strippers Be @ The Strip Club" And What Is Your Favorite Exercise?

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Ok, I know, it was the title post that drew you in. The actual strip club comment was stated by my husband as I was making a comment about a fellow blogger/friend who's expecting 10 - 14 inches of snow (JustJoanna,).Yeah, we're also expecting snow...about .5" (that's inches), and that's why I shared it with my Hubs and being the Navy man that he is, he had to share a Chicago story about strippers still being at the strip club even when they had 3 feet of snow on the ground...and he went to the strip club.
The End...
That Is Done...
The Rest of This Post Will Be About Exercise.
Even though I'm a Southern gal and we typically don't experience extreme winters, I still feel an internal shift when the leaves fall and the temps drop.

So, during the winter months I enjoy more strength training and soups and it seems when the weather warms up I lace up the running shoes and head back out.

At first, I thought I was simply a failure at running when each winter I'd drift slowly away from running and back into the warmth of my home. Now, I've come to understand that there are shifts within nature, as well as myself, and that I should embrace the running break and enjoy the chance to focus on something different, like strength training. I don't give up running totally during the winter, and thanks to treadmills I still get in some miles each week, but it's nothing like running outside, along the river or through the woods. :)

Actually, I'd like to participate in my first trail run {8 miles} at the end of April...I'm pretty excited. And, how can I forget, I LOVE my belly dancing classes! If you haven't tried belly dancing you should give it a go...I promise you will not be disappointed in the workout or the liberation. I actually picked up the class because I have a bucket list of dancing in public...I'm kind of shy when it comes to letting my hair down. I've been belly dancing now since May and I predict that possibly by this coming summer, I'll be in my first show!   :)
So, what about You? Do you ever notice a shift in your workout through out the year or are you pretty consistent with a particular type of routine?

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