Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Cribs: Which Is Right For You?

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Crib

Naples Gray Panel Back Crib MainGenerally, parents who are expecting a new baby make time to shop for a crib a few months before the little one arrives. They want to allow themselves enough time to find a crib in the style and color that they want for the nursery. Here are some of the things that parents consider as they look at traditional baby cribs. 


Sometimes parents want a crib that goes with the color theme of their baby's nursery. For example, if they paint the walls in a pastel color and purchase artwork that features bright colors, they will probably go with a crib that is light in color. This may be a white crib or perhaps one with light-colored wood. They want every piece in the entire nursery to go with their color theme. This adds a pleasant tone to the décor.


Many parents want to choose a crib in a style that matches the rest of the furniture in the nursery. If they have a changing table, bookshelves and chairs in a traditional design, they will likely choose a crib in that same design. This is another way to bring harmony to the décor of a nursery. In addition, a crib in a traditional design is a classic that never goes out of style!

Size of the Crib

This is something that many parents must consider before looking at their first crib. In short, they know that the size of the crib must suit the dimensions of the nursery. If parents have a smaller nursery with a single window, they'll want to choose a crib that is appropriate for that space. A crib that is too large for its nursery can actually make the room look smaller. Not only does this rule apply for the baby's crib, it also goes for the tables, chairs and even the bookshelf in the nursery.


Finally, parents consider the cost of the crib. Usually, parents have a budget for the things they need to get for their new baby. Oftentimes, a crib takes up a large part of that budget because it is a basic item. A lot of parents begin furnishing the nursery by purchasing a crib. Then, they decorate the nursery according to the appearance and style of the crib. This is an easy way to make sure that everything flows together in the space.

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