Friday, April 25, 2014

When To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney ?

When you become injured on the job, you may be confused about the entire workers’ comp process. And who really wants to negative through the stack of medical bills and try to collect lost wages when your body is trying to recover from the injury. An attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation can help ensure your injury claim is accepted, you receive adequate medical treatment and get all the benefits you are entitled too.

Injured workers trying to get the compensation they deserve often experience the following roadblocks:

• If your employer contends that you were not injured or that the injury didn’t occur on the job, you should consider hiring an attorney. Sometimes, employees are afraid that if they report their injury they will lose their job. This fear causes them to wait days or even weeks after the incident to report the injury. Most states have a timeframe in which you can report the injury. A worker’s comp attorney can investigate the incident and prove it occurred at your work.

• If you had a pre-existing disability, they may try to place the blame of your injury on your disability.

• Many states require the injured employee be treated by a physician that is approved by your employer. This physician may have a conflict of interest and request that you return to work before you are fully healed. An attorney will help find an alternative physician who has your best interest at heart. 

• If you worker’s comp benefits are delayed, your attorney can find out why and help accelerate the process. Furthermore, you should never accept a denial of certain benefits without contacting an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation claims. 

• Employees cannot be punished or fired for filing a worker’s comp claim. In fact, it is against the law. An attorney can find the real reasons for your demotion or dismissal, and file the necessary claims against your employer if needed.

• For injuries occurred due to the negligence of a third party -- such as a defective product --, your workers’ comp attorney will bring a claim against the third party to recover any additional compensation allowed.

A workers’ compensation attorney will overcome those roadblocks and help your claim be accepted. They also ensure you receive all the benefits you’re entitled too. Learn more here to help you decide whether an attorney is the right decision for your specific situation.

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