Friday, April 25, 2014

{Product Review} Kids Academy Educational Apps

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Kids Academy is a creator of educational children’s mobile apps. They received dozens of positive reviews and were top rated by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews.

An amazing collection of apps designed to enhance and encourage your child's development, from shapes, numbers, and letter tracing, to songs, worksheets, and even story time. Kids Academy offers so many great educational avenues that your toddler to preschooler will be engaged as well as thrilled to learn new skills.

My toddler and I enjoyed the Shapes and Robots Face Tracing game which focused on: learning shapes, fine motor skills, as well as offering the ability to track my child's progress. 

A bit about the game:

Kids Academy • Bugs, shapes and robots is a fun educational game that is ideal for helping children aged 2-6 to learn their shapes. This is perfect for any young child getting ready to go to preschool! 

Toddlers are encouraged to learn about shapes through interactions with engaging animations and sounds. There are 10 shape that kids will have fun with guided with a professional voice over. Every time your toddlers complete an activity, they collect shiny fireflies that can be released in the end of the game. Lively music, full voice over and sound effects respond to the child’s efforts with positive encouragement and congratulations as appropriate. 

Knowledge of shapes forms the basis of all learning and is essential for preparing children for reading, writing and math. Tracing activities develop fine motor skills and improve hand/eye coordination. Learning shapes develops ability to make logical connections which is a precursor to both math and language arts. 

-All major shapes patterns (circle, crescent, heart, hexahedron, oval, rectangle, rhombus, square, star, triangle etc.) 
- Game improves concentration, memory and fine motor skills 
- Game builds foundation for mathematics, geometry, reading and writing 
- Delightful animations and interactive surprises throughout the game 
- Entertaining game to practice shapes and patterns 
- Create multiple child profiles 
- Track the success of your kids with progress chart 
- Colorful high resolution artwork and fun music keeps children engaged 
- Aligned to school standards 
- Developed with teachers 
- Child-friendly gameplay

As a preschool teacher and mom, I can assure you that these apps definitely bring enjoyment to learning. With so much emphasis on meshing education with technology, Kids Academy makes bridging that gap, easier for us all. 

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