Friday, August 28, 2009

Call Me Job

Yesterday was a hoot!

While out on the playground at school, I went in to get some helments out for some of the kids, bent down to pick one up, put my foot on the back of a tricycle, and the little monster stood up and smacked me in the face. I was like, WOW!

I leave the little storage house, shaking my head and laughing, telling a co-worker what had happened and asking if my face was all bruised up. Nope, just a red mark where the handlebars kissed me. :)

Then 15 minutes later, I finish swinging two kids and go to walk away when I feel something rough where my wedding ring is. I know instantly something is wrong and look down to see the diamond is missing from my ring. The ring was my mothers and I know it was at least 37 years old, since that's how long my parents would have been married this year. I just turned around, told a few people and we all started looking. I had been standing in mulch so I felt as if the playground had just eatten it up and that was that. I looked a bit more, told a head security person just in case someone found it and turned it in, and then I said a prayer. Well, actually the praying began early on with, "Lord, this is a big challenge you're given me today..."

I seriously felt like Job. I know, maybe it wasnt as extreme as Job, but you get my point. Anyhow, I decided to leave it up to God and that if it was to be found, than it would, I still had a job to do with my kids and thats what I was there for.

So, here's the praise part, even though I thought the whole ring thing would have been a sad moment for me, God lifted my spirit and filled me with an excitement and peace I hadnt felt in a long time. I was so happy during the whole school day, and it was all Him. :)

Yesterday was also my dr. appointment and since I didnt know if I'd be out in time to go back and pick up Maddie I just asked Sean to go with me and we'd take Maddie then. We all headed down to the dr.'s office where the two of them sat outside in the car, since baby girl was sleeping and I went inside to hang out with all the preggos. :) I got another depo shot yet in a month or so I'll be getting the copper IUD, I thought it was the more financial way to go. I've used the IUD before and it works well with no real side effects, so I figured it was time to go with it again. This shot isnt bad it just isnt great periods run for 10 days, stop for 10 days and then back on again, and because I'm nursing I cant take estrogen to stop the bleeding. So, thats that and as I was leaving we passed and paused at the ultrasound room where, out of no where, I began saying a prayer for a couple that I know will be visiting there shortly. I was shocked by myself, but felt that my spirit needed to do it, so I just smiled and let it go.

I've still been snippy with hubby and I still think it has to do with his past. He threw up an ex-girlfriends name yesterday after seeing a homeless guy that use to live behind his parent's house, and he did it just at the time when my sugar was low and I should have been eating a snack. Instead her name just lingered in my head, biting around at any security there was left for the day. Ohhhhhhhhhh, women, why are we so hard on each other?

And, in other news, my little one, Jeremy, began football practice last night. He will now be playing the position of a receiver, which is awesome! He is so super excited about it. I was a bit hesitant at first to think of him playing, but they're just 7 and it doesnt seem too hazardous just yet, and it was more important to find him an activity he enjoyed than worry about that 1% chance that he may brake a finger or something. Motherhood is stressful. :)

Enjoy your Friday, Friends, and hopefully we will have some nice fall like weather this weekend to enjoy. :)
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