Monday, June 28, 2010

Body After Baby Project: Week 2, 6 Pounds Down!!

Wow, the first week of my Body After Baby Project has been super exciting.

weight loss & inches:
6 pounds
waist 1 inch
hips .5 inch
thighs 1.5 inches
I picked up a scale Tuesday of last week and began the weighing process. @ work on Monday, the scale read 186, by Friday that scale read 181.5. The scale @ home Wednesday morning read 184.5, today this scale reads 180. My wii scale read 183 last Sunday morning and now reads 177, 6 pounds lighter in one week! It's a pretty sure bet that I've removed a good deal of weight this last week, and, even though the wii shows the lightest weight, I'm gonna go with my bathroom scale from now on. This is actually the first time ever I've removed this much weight at once. And, even with the added 30 minutes of cardio work outs in the morning, I seriously believe the vinegar water I've also added has had a huge play in this loss.

2 tsp. to 24 oz. of water, twice a day has helped to curb my appetite as well as remove weight. I'm not sure how it works, but I'm pretty sure it does. I asked Sean to try it for a week, and I bet him he'd drop 10 pounds without changing his workouts. I don't think he's gonna go for it. :)

Ok, so for this week's workouts:


(morning) 30 min. run w/ a 30 min. bike ride


(morning) 30 min. eliptical, 30 min. bike ride


(morning) 30 min. bike ride

(afternoon) speed run: 3.5 miles

.5 miles - 11 min/mi

1 mile - 10 min/mi

1 mile- 8 min/mi

1 mile - 8 min/mi


(morning) 30 min bike, level 3

(afternoon) 3 sets triceps, 3 sets chest

2 mile walk, 15 min/mi


(morning) 30 min bike ride, level 3

(afternoon) distance run:

4 miles


I'm still working on the 3 mile, 30 minute run, as well as 25 regular style pushups (which I'm up to 2 now), as well as adding in the removal of 10 pounds. :)


30 minute, 3 mile run: sushi

25 pushups: bragging rights

10 pounds removed, 180 to 170: new clothes (size 12/14)!

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