Sunday, February 27, 2011

23 Months

Maddie is 23 months old today. She's so big. :)

She pretty much speaks in full 4 to 6 word sentences and yet will still blurt out one word demands such as, "milk! milk!" Her favorite foods at moment are: pizza, ice cream, rice, and fruit. She's just now started on the pizza and ice cream but every time we have it she happy announces, "I like it!" :)

She still loves drawing, painting, and we play with playdoh daily. Oh, and she's become a huge climber. She now scoots chairs around the house so she can climb up in them to reach the table {to climb on}, the microwave {to hit the button for popcorn}, and even yesterday she thought about using the chair to climb over the gate at the top of the stairs {not funny, Maddie!}

She loves swinging at school and I've been looking at different swing sets; I know she'd just love one this spring/summer. I'm also looking forward to spending time with her outside while we do some planting; I hope she'll enjoy playing in the dirt as much as I do. :)

Overall, I've been so blessed to have three amazing kids. Maddie will be 2 next month, Jeremy is doing well in school and has recently grown another foot or so, and Austin will be graduating this year and heading to college. Motherhood Rocks. :)


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