Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Almost Christmas, Where Are We Now?

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Last week I came upon a moment that shook me to my core. My husband confessed his long term alcohol abuse and I made the decision to have him leave. A week has almost passed and it seems as if it's been at least several months. I have experienced every emotion possible, from betrayal, heartache, lonliness, frustration, exhaustion, and then, possibly, back to balance.
If you are wondering, Sean hasn't left yet...I say yet because I'm cautious as to how this will all turn out. I lack a great deal of trust when it comes to people, especially after I've been hurt, and so I'm waiting and watching.
On a positive note, Sean has an interview scheduled this week with the Postal Services. I'm proud to see him moving forward, looking for a job to contribute financially to the family. We have done well enough as a one-income family, but a second income would greatly lower our debt and allow us to plan for future vacations, home repairs, and college funds. :)
So what do we do in the mean time, enjoy family time together. I have the next two weeks off from school and I plan to spend it laughing, hugging, and crafting, or at least trying to. Maddie has discovered a new love for crafts and drawings and I want to share in this new adventure with her. We shall see... :)
Overall, my faith continues to build in God, personal change, and love. I only hope it continues to impress me.

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